Ultimate Theming - make a matching desktop

Here are three themes that would make your desktop seemlesly match with firefox and iGoogle or just Google.
What you need is Firefox 3.6 and above (in order to use Firefox Personas), a personal iGoogle page, or at least a google account and some wallpapersr which can be found here, of course.

Theme number One: Lord of the Rings


get the Firefox perosna One Ring to Rule Them All
Download the desktop backgrounds below.
 And you can use these as Google Backgrounds too. (Change Background>From My Computer>Browse). I recommend the second wallpaper as  google background.

Theme number Two: The Raindrop


get the Firefox persona Raindrop Green
Click the image to save the wallpaper.
In order the change the Google background image, you can use the one that you downloaded here, or at google home page, go to Change Background>Public Gallery and in the Search box type: "raindrops in green by silfiriel" (without quote marks), and you can select the image.

Theme number Three: The Ultimate Theme -Pink Sunset


Firefox Persona Purple Pines Sunset
You can find the iGoogle theme here.
Click and download the wallpaper below
You can use this image as a Google background by uploading it. (Change Backgound>From My Computer>Browse)

If you are using Vista or Windows 7 or even Ubuntu 10.04 you can also change the color of the window borders and the taskbar.

July 4th Fireworks Wallpapers, Fourth July Firework Show

Watch the beautiful scene of firework art done on the 4th of July to mark the biggest holiday of USA celebrating its anniversary of Independence Day. Laser show, Macy's fireworks, lady liberty fireworks are part of some exclusive celebration points in America where people gather to watch black night sky getting colorful, glittering and sparkling with the fireworks. Some of the real scenes and pictures are displayed here in these July 4th Fireworks Wallpapers for free.
July 4th Fireworks Wallpapers4th july fireworks picturesFirework Celebration of Fourth Of JulyJuly 4th Independence Day Fireworks

Fourth of July Desktop Wallpapers, 4th of July Desktop Backgrounds

Explore this new variety of American Independence Day Wallpapers to decorate your desktop screen expressing love for national US flag, eagle, statue of Liberty and other things as displayed in below displayed Fourth of July Desktop Wallpapers putting forward your love sentiments to be an American and enjoying every moment of this holiday celebrating freedom of USA on 4th of July.
american independence day desktop wallpaperFourth of July Desktop Wallpapers4th of july wallpaper for desktop

4th of July Independence Day Wallpapers, USA Independence Day

USA celebrates its Independence Day everyone on 4th of July to celebrate their freedom in the year 1776. Recall the brave victory leading independence of America by flying the national flag of US and celebrating the holiday in a national way honoring country. Exchange these 4th of July Independence Day Wallpapers to spread this message to everyone.
USA Independence DayIndependence Day of America
independence day 4th of july wallpapers4th of July Independence Day Wallpapers

Fourth of July Wallpapers, Free 4th of July Wallpapers

Fourth of July is an important event in the history of America celebrated as Independence Day of the nation. So, be part of this Patriotic holiday of United States of America by setting these Fourth of July Wallpapers and exchanging with others to create voice of nation where every US citizen participate in watching parade, flag flying and other carnations. Every year U.S observed holiday on 4th July.Free 4th of July Wallpapers
Fourth of July WallpapersFourth of July Carnation Flowers and Flag Wallpaper

Friendship Day Desktop Wallpapers, Friends Desktop Background

Friendship Day is a day of celebration for everyone who have sweet bond of love with their friends and buddies. Spread your excitement, love and affection for the day made for friends by hanging any of these Friendship Day Desktop Wallpapers to let everyone know how beautiful is your friendship bond?
Friendship Day Desktop Wallpapersfriendship day wallpapers for desktopsdesktop wallpapers on friendship dayfriends desktop wallpapers

Friendship Day Pets Wallpapers, Pets as Friends Pictures

Explore these Friendship Day Pets Wallpapers to best display the friendship bond like of pets playing together and sharing things as common. Hope these pictures would have expressed deep emotional attachment and inspirational feel among our visitors to build such a loving relation.friendship pets picturespets love as friends wallpaperFriendship Day Pets Wallpapers

Friendship Day Flower Wallpapers, Flowers for My Friend

Exchange your wishes of happiness for the friendship day by presenting fresh flowers to denote your love, affection and feelings to have a beautiful bonding between friends. To express your love online, download any of these Friendship Day Flower Wallpapers as a note of passionate love for friendship expressed through natural beauty of flowers.

Cute Friendship Day Wallpapers, Cute Friends Wallpaper

Friends share cute chemistry of love, affection and belonging ness among each other. So, here we present the collection of Cute Friendship Day Wallpapers to express the cute friends sitting together to share sweetness of the day by playing, gossiping, dancing, hugging and other activities.
cute friends photo wallpapercute friendship love wallpaper
cute friendship day wish wallpapersCute Friendship Day Wallpapers

Animated Friendship Day Wallpapers, Animated Friends Greetings Wallpaper

Express your love for friends by wishing them happy friendship day and recalling your precious memories with a get-together party for all. Give your dear friends, buddies and acquaintances warm greetings of the day by offering them any of these Animated Friendship Day Wallpapers to present their picture of friendship love through animation.
animated wallpapers for friendship dayAnimated Friendship Day Wallpapersanimated birds background for friends

Translucent Waves Widescreen Wallpapers


 Another batch of gorgeous wallpapers made by me during my last battle with photoshop.
Size: 1600x1000, if someone requests higher res walls, I will post.

Take a look at:
Abstract shapes wallpapers
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