Green Leaves 1920x1200 Wallpapers

 Iris Green Leaves
Size: 1920x1200

I couldn't decide which version is better so I posted both of them.

by Silfiriel

I Love You Mom Wallpaper, Mom I Love You Quote Wallpaper

Speak up your words of affection, love and happiness for your mother who has bring you into this World and given her tender caring all through your childhood. Celebrate Mother's Day with extreme beautiful gift for her along with three sweet words 'I Love You' for her to bring beautiful smile and feeling of being a mother along with any of these elegant wallpaper to say I Love You Mom.

Download Mother's Day Wallpapers, Download Mothers Day Pictures

Explore the ultimate selection of mother's day celebration promoting children to wish their mom and make her feel special on this day with a gift, flowers, party, wishes and many other surprises for her. Download mothers day wallpapers for free to spread happy moment of love between a mother and her kids spreading this motherhood all over the World.
mothers day wallpaper free downloaddownload mothers day wish wallpaper
Download Mother's Day Wallpapersdownload mothers day wallpaper pictures

Happy Mothers Day Wallpapers, Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Wish your dear Mother, happy mothers day through these free collection of wallpapers and pictures making desktop screen look beautiful and elegant. The lovely flowers, quotes, wordings, message will definitely going to bring million dollars smile to her face. Let her also realise her importance in your life by collectively celebrating the day.Happy Mothers Day Wish Wallpaper
Happy Mothers Day WallpapersHappy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Desktop Wallpaper, Mother's Day Desktop Collection

Decorate your desktops to look in perfect mood of mother's day celebration by displaying any of these Mothers Day Desktop Wallpaper as a decorative piece on online applications. Make your mother feel on top of the World by celebrating her day and offering great tribute of your love and affection for her up-bringing.
Mothers Day Desktop Wallpapermothers day desktop collectionMother's Day wallpapers for desktops

Mothers Day Wallpapers, Free Mothers Day Wallpapers

Exchange your words of affection, love, honor and respect for your mother who has given birth to you and recognize her motherly bonding with you by celebrating Mother's Day and surprising her with a gift and wishes to be part of this special day of her life. Celebrate this great day by displaying your excitement for this through these Mothers Day Wallpapers to be hanged on screens.wallpapers on mothers day
Free Mothers Day WallpapersMothers Day Wallpapers

Amazing Raindrops Widescreen Wallpapers

Raindrops on a green, green grass and tulips....
 After the rain, magic ensues!
Size: 1600x1000
original photography by Silfiriel.

More spring magic:

Happy Baisakhi Wallpapers, Happy Baisakhi Greetings Wallpaper

Share the happy and warm wishes of Sikh Baisakhi festival with a get-together celebration, common dinner, punjabi musical dance and lots more. Spread the happy moment of this religious holiday season celebrating harvest of Punjabi culture through these happy baisakhi wallpapers available here for free to all our dear visitors. Greet your beloved ones with a bunch of happy sharing and talks to celebrate.
Happy Baisakhi WishesHappy Baisakhi WallpapersHappy Baisakhi Greetings Wallpaper

Vaisakhi Mela Wallpapers, Baisakhi Mela 2010 Pictures

Mela are the part of Baisakhi festival when people gather to watch bhangra dance, animal fair, acrobatics, wrestling bouts, gidda performances and other colorful attractions of the fair. People from various locations come to explore fun and beauty of Vaisakhi. Watch the real pictures of Vaisakhi Mela wallpapers with an idea to set them on desktops.
Vaisakhi Mela WallpapersVaisakhi Mela PicturesVaisakhi Mela 2010 Wallpapers

Baisakhi Wallpapers, Free Baisakhi Wallpapers

Baisakhi is the festival of Sikh religion when Punjabi's celebrate their traditional harvest festival in many northern states of India. And also celebrate the beginning of the new year with a traditional touch. The celebration in Punjab, Haryana and many northern states of India are worth-watching. So share the warm greetings of Baisakhi festival with your loved ones by having get-togethers and exchanging gifts like these Baisakhi Wallpapers to decorate screens.
Baisakhi 2010 Festival is going to be celebrated on 13th and 14th April
Free Baisakhi WallpapersBaisakhi Wallpapers
Baisakhi PicturesBaisakhi 2010 Wallpapers

A spring collection of wallpapers - the sequel

 Some grass, a dandelion, wild strawberry and iris leaves, all springs wonders, and the colors are beautiful together.
Size: 1600x1000.
Again original photography by blogmaster Silfiriel.

The first spring collection.
and a bonus "Drakonic green"
sometimes the bonus is priceless.

Spyware Free Thanksgiving Wallpaper, Thanksgiving Collection Free From Spyware

Feel free to download and set any of these Spyware Free Thanksgiving Wallpaper with 100% free from any type of spyware. So, enjoy surfing and free downloading to decorate your applications with cute pictures of thanksgiving and fallen autumn leaves. Keep searching for new updates.
spyware wallpaper on thanksgivingspyware wallpaper of autumn leaves

Piglet and Tigger Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Watch the cute cartoon characters of Disney - Piglet, Tigger and Pooh spreading their happy sharing of friendship on the occasion of thanksgiving as being displayed in below thumbnails of Piglet and Tigger Thanksgiving Wallpaper cleaning the falling autumn leaves with happy bond between the gang.
disney pooh piglet tigger thanksgiving wallpaperPooh Piglet fall leaves wallpaperPiglet and Tigger Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Thanksgiving Joy Wallpaper, Thanksgiving Joyful Pictures

Express your joy to be part of thanksgiving day with a beautifully designed Thanksgiving Joy Wallpaper with scenes of red grapes, cute cartoon sharing joy of their happiness, cow wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving of the year. Keep surfing and downloading for free and setting as backgrounds.
Thanksgiving Joy WallpaperFree Thanksgiving Joy Wallpapers
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