Introducton Of My Blog And What Is It About

Hi folks, this is my first blog on the net. If you have problems with any pictures, photos or videos, or want to publish any of yours, or have some suggestions, drop a line at

Rainbow Colors

Carrots Rainbow (2400x1675pxls)

Colored Curves (2650x1600)

Radioactive Widescreen Wallpaper

Red-Eyed Frog Wallpapers



I am not a frog lover or any of it's relatives, but I find this extremely cute wallpapers.

Acorn Wallpaper

Desert HQ Wallpapers

Aston Martin DBR9 Wallpapers

If you wanna go and take a ride with me....

Martini Wallpaper

Run Home! Wallpaper

Run Home, Run....

Stem HQ Wallpapers

Size: 1600x1200
These three wallpapers are one of my favorites,
even resized down to 800x600 look clean, perfect pixel quality wallpapers.
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