Halo 3 HQ Wallpapers

One more on Hi-Res Wallpaper, a monster one 4008x2258 pixels
And one more here 1600x1200.
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At World's End

At World's End: The Final Frontier voyager
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Zodiac Signs 3: Sagittarius and Gemini

Kagaya Art
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Nariko - Heavenly Sword

This is Nariko!
(Six more wallpapers all HQ 1600x1200 here)
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Dodge Challenger Wallpapers

Inside and Out
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Evolution and Krapooyo

Watch how an empty ball evolves into a flying being. The video created by Yannick Puig in a very simple , but highly elegant and estetic way points out to the basic priciples of evolution, need-adapt. The colors of the video are a little pale but, there are in total harmony with the dynamics of the video, and the forms too. The sound is rhytmic, following the action and calming too. The surrealism is superb in all angles. The author is a student, so I suppose he passed the test.

So, far I've been posting only images and I will continue, but this video deserves an exception.

The Pi(e)

A picture i made of the nototrious, mathy never ending
Cristal Infinity on Hi-Res
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Zodiac Signs 2: Leo, Libra, Taurus



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Solar System

I made this picture with Photoshop, please give me an honest opinion!
The resolution is pretty high (3200x2600) so zoom in to really experience the pic.
There are some pictures that I've made on Hi-Res Wallpapers, with resolution 800x600, but they are way cooler then this!
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Zodiac Signs: Aries

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Life in Hi Res

This pic could be anything , but not life, it's so cold and gray and lifeless....brrrr....
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Siamese Twins

Well. this is just too much, too cute!
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I'm sorry

The perfect way to say "I am sorry"
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I love this wallpaper, somewhere I saw a black version, with the look down but I just can't find it, if anyone's got it, please share!

And finally , I've found it. Check this link.
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Life Under the Looking Glass
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Zhang Ziyi

Ah! Asian Beauty...
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The Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon

Julia Stiles
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